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The good is the enemy of the best

Conversation, Learning, Teaching
Good is comfortable, easy and most importantly safe. You’re in the middle of the crowd, right where you want to be, unnoticed and average. This proverb hits the mark in every way, from every angle. We settle for mediocre and good all the time these days and especially in adulthood…

95 chin ups…and a crash out

Assessment, busy living, life
A week ago I reached a pinnacle I never even imagined. It was a wet and cold Friday afternoon and after realizing that my attempted running would be cut short due to a recurring shin splint I headed for the bars. The calisthenics bars that is. After 20min at 1min…

The Proverb lesson series begins

ESL trailblazer videos
This is the start of the proverb lesson series and we begin with the proverb ‘The devil is in the details’ with ways on how ESL teachers can incorporate it into their lessons to promote speaking and vocabulary use by their students.

What’s your action?

Most of us have never wondered about such things but I love this! I knew the answer to it when I heard it being asked from a famous actor and now, I am taking it for my own. My action is persuading my class of students at any particular time…

Experience is the best teacher

English, Learning, reflection
The youth think they know everything. They give us that look as though they are all-knowing and wise, they got google at their fingertips and there is no doubt they know much more than we did when we were their age. Good for them! So what? Information is readily available,…

If anything can go wrong, it will

English, Learning
This proverb is credited as being Murphy’s law. But who cares about that. Our students certainly won’t. I think we like making excuses….for everything. It’s a way to avoid responsibility, risk and shame. Be ready to accept failure, and to accept that things will go wrong. You can’t avoid the…

End of the year, beginning of the road

life, mindset, reflection
There are infinite possibilities in some places for some people in certain situations. I don’t feel them. I can’t comprehend infinite, or the universe expanding for that matter. I just try to accomplish what I set out to do. At the moment it’s raising a family, in the midst of…