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Security and Privacy lesson

This episode(98) covers vocabulary that can be used for an ESL lesson idea. The topic is incredibly relevant and current while also providing plenty of opportunity for speaking practice expressing personal preferences, justifying opinions and debating issues.

Extra tips for online learning

This post accompanies episode 97 of the ESL Trailblazer series on ESL teaching online. You can find complimentary tips and tricks there too. Emoticons They are available on most communication platforms so it doesn’t really matter which you use. They are useful though for getting feedback from your students. Simply…

Polish Grammar is my enemy!

It’s been weeks since I started and after about 5 pages of words and expressions learned I am encountering resistance anew! I was feeling the momentum build as I recorded words and practiced them over and over again. But now I have come to the realization that there is no…

Academic writing: being cautious

Freshen Up Fridays newsletter signup: If you don’t want your claims to be dismissed you need the appropriate language to express them. In academic writing specifically, it’s crucial to allow for open interpretation of data as well as on the validity of your conclusions. In this episode I provide…

English fluency – Being diplomatic

Freshen Up Fridays newsletter signup: Being diplomatic is a skill, some may say an art. And one that is increasingly valuable in our world today. Whether you’re having a conversation with friends or with coworkers, it’s incredibly valuable to know how to approach such conversations. In this episode I…

TOP Teacher DONT’S

This episode focuses on teacher development and improvement by avoiding some bad habits or easy traps when teaching in a classroom. However, I highlight how these DONT’S can also be applied to online learning especially now with COVID and more lock downs forcing us to teach online. If you know…