Lesson Ideas

Let the learning begin!

ESL lesson on marketing,branding and advertsing

The marketing lesson

ESL lesson on fixing problems and solving issues

Essential vocabulary: Tackling issues

Revision games in the ESL classroom

ESL games for reviewing language

ESL lesson idea on consumerism, spending and saving money, shopping

The consumer society lesson – vocabulary and speaking

An ESL lesson on barbecuing

Culture: The BBQ lesson

learning collaboration through games

Top games for the ESL classroom

ESL lesson on eating out, diet and food choices

The Food Revolution lesson

The stress lesson and it's consequences on our world

The Stress lesson

the internet and its impact on our lives

The Media lesson: internet and social networks in the 21st century

Cultural differences

The advice lesson: advising on cultural norms

the conditionals lesson

The Conditionals Lesson (student friendly)

The Employment Trends lesson

Propose solutions, solve a problem

Social Capital

Customer Service

The Innovation Lesson

allow students the opportunity to practice and use the language they know already

Just what I was thinking

The Verb Forms and Speaking Lesson

Conversation Lesson: Travel

The Information Lesson


First Lesson – Ice breakers

Summer Bucket List

Killing Time

Mini Presentations & 20-second topics

The Future lesson

Success and Failure

Infographics: How to talk about stats

Describing Trends

Innovative Lessons: Padlet

Change & Change Management

Speaking essentials

Quality products and Brands

First Lesson ideas