Whether it is a business speaking lesson or a general English conversation class there are tons of topics that both of these groups can share and that are very flexible for all levels.

One of my favorites is “Quality”!

In today’s consumer society, people spend a lot of time buying different products a daily basis whether this be food from the grocery store or items that you buy less frequently but require time and research before making an ultimate decision on what to purchase, such as home appliances, cars, electronic devices etc.

With that said, there is plenty of material at your disposal to put together an interesting and engaging conversation lesson.

Try to start conversation lessons with a quote or saying that can serve as a warm-up to get students thinking about the topic and their initial reaction to what will be discussed in detail later.  It can also be an expression, idiom, or metaphor that you feel is connected to the topic.  With regards to the quality lesson:

Make sure you ask students to give examples of products and services that they consider high quality and to say why.

If it is business oriented than you can focus on language that companies use to describe products in their advertising as well as adjectives that describe the qualities you look for in products: long-lasting, cheap/expensive, luxurious, handmade etc.

Ask your students to discuss expression related to quality, and if they agree with them or not:

They don’t make them like they used to

Quality not quantity

You get what you pay for

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

This topic can bring up specific brands that students prefer and the topic of brands in general.

It’s very versatile and all students have their own opinion about it so you shouldn’t have any problems getting them to talk about it.  They will leave knowing that they had a “Quality” lesson. 🙂

Please feel free to comment or ask questions: hope you enjoy the lesson


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