95 chin ups…and a crash out

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95 chin ups…and a crash out

A week ago I reached a pinnacle I never even imagined. It was a wet and cold Friday afternoon and after realizing that my attempted running would be cut short due to a recurring shin splint I headed for the bars. The calisthenics bars that is.

After 20min at 1min pauses I dropped down at 95. The culmination of 16 months of this exercise has given me a lot. Persistence, resilience, strength, determination, stamina and power.

The next day I got sick, more sick than I’d been in a long time and for the last 7 days I’ve struggled to keep myself together. Barely functional, audible, weak and in pain. How quickly the tables can turn. I guess destiny has a wicked sense of humor. I slept lots, and lied on my bed with plenty of time to reflect and wonder:

Have I pushed too hard?

Am I doing too much?

When do you know it’s too much?

The running, the chin ups, the logo sting, the merchandise, the classes, the kids, the website, the newsletter, the YouTube channel, the teacher’s tool…..

What if I stop?

Throw in the towel and just relax for a little? God knows I could use more of this resting that I’ve been doing.

I can’t imagine it.

I can’t stop what I’ve set out to do. These things are meant for something. I believe in this stuff. Destiny and fate might have other plans but I won’t be sitting on the sidelines waiting for them. I’ll meet them when I get to where I am going. When I reach a crossroads and tick some boxes I’ll reassess then and move forward. There’s always time for an ice-cold beer and a stogy.

I’ll enjoy them, when I deserve them. Till then, it’s back to battle. #buildmomentum

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