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Listening my way out of trouble

Learning, mindset
So I’ve been listening to short podcasts with a tapescript to help. This hasn’t had the magical affects I’d been hoping for. However, it has highlighted a weakness in my Polish that I had ignored for too long, so that’s a positive. I see how much I miss on the…

Polish is trying to knock me out

I can confirm, that I am still standing even after some quite big hits to the ears, and ego. Learning Polish. Each day, beginning again, and again and AGAIN. Sharp redirect The grammar method and focus on exercises almost took me out (or knocked me out). I closed the cases…

Language for resolving conflict

This episode(90) is related to soft skills in the office but can also relate to personal conflicts with relatives, friends, neighbors etc.The language here is for how to approach conflict diplomatically to allow for a return to normalcy and productivity. How we say something, and the language we use can…

I own you Mianownik! – learning the Polish nominative case

Learning, mindset
Polish nominative case
So much damn fun Well, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. It’s the nominative case so it’s meant to be the most straightforward. Most of the exercises for A1,A2 and B1 in Polish are becoming familiar with male,female and neutral gender nouns and then of course how all the…

Culture Lesson: Greetings

This week’s episode focuses on culture and specifically ‘Greetings’. These are my favorite kind of episodes because culture is such an integral part of learning a language and most language courses don’t cover it properly. There is not much language in this episode and that is on purpose. With culture…

Teaching quality in English – ESL lesson idea

This episode covers language and lesson tips for ESL teachers to adapt in their classroom. Versatile, flexible and for many different levels this topic is easy to discuss and teach and also incredibly fast to prepare. If you need additional info on this lesson idea you can find a written…

Speaking about the future: ESL lesson ideas and language

Living in the information age, makes this lesson idea a no-brainer. It means that every ESL teacher should be doing it and just adapting it for their class accordingly. All students will want to contribute and have something to say about this and teachers can cover numerous areas regarding technology,…