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Alternatives to SUPER

This episode is the first of two in the SUPER series. The word SUPER is overused and basic. Fluency can be improved by just replacing this word with simple alternatives…

I need a break!

Episode 85 is a lesson idea for teachers who want to get their class and students speaking on a common topic but with great variety of vocabulary to encourage the…

Ep.13 Describing change

An ESL lesson idea one of the most versatile and useful words to use when speaking English or any language for that matter.


I eat it everyday. About five to seven slices of it or more. I douse it in olive oil, or spread some butter on it, or hummus. Other days I…

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Travel is the greatest form of education

Travel is more than just an all-inclusive hotel We discussed it last week with bank employees I teach. They agreed, that it’s a great form but not necessarily the greatest.…
Done right, travel educates all who embrace the interactions they encounter while in motion

Full Circle-Getting my own place

When I was eighteen I left home and went off to college.  It was an exciting time and I was anticipating the freedom and independence that came with leaving home…

Staff Pick: Isolated dogs

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