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Ep.48 Social English: Thanksgiving dinner

This is one of the favorite holidays for Americans and with good reason. I mean who doesn’t like roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy, followed by pumpkin pie? Exactly! Check out this episode for language related to hosting a get-together or being a guest as well as adverbs to improve fluency in social situations. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this episode and of course your thanksgiving dinner!

Language in this episode: thoroughly enjoyed, incredibly well-prepared, superbly presented, badly misjudged, make yourself at home, the more the merrier, all the trimmings, so far so good, made from scratch, shopping/spending spree, No not at all, that sounds good, No I don’t mind, can I take a rain check, fish out of water, an eye-opener


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adverbs, food, practical english, , thanksgiving
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