Are you making errors when speaking? GOOD

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Are you making errors when speaking? GOOD

  • Are you forgetting words that force you to pause? GOOD
  • Are you mispronouncing? GOOD
  • Using the wrong tenses? GOOD
  • Not understanding everything that is said? GOOD
  • Unable to to write clear emails, in an efficient way? GOOD
  • Asked by your superiors to improve your English? GOOD
  • Are people looking frustrated when you speak to them? GOOD
  • Are people struggling to understand you and asking you to repeat yourself? GOOD

See a pattern? It’s a sign, a sign that you need to get better. The sign can be in any one of those questions above and many others and it’s being given to you with a clear message.


Don’t get frustrated and don’t get angry, GET TO WORK!

Because you are still breathing, and you are still alive and somebody, maybe even you, are giving a clear signal that something needs to change. GOOD!

So it’s time to start practicing your English more: do exercises, focus on certain grammar structures, improve vocabulary through practice and use the new language whenever you can.

We don’t like to the feeling of failure, but it’s GOOD. It tells you, that you need to get better. Once we have had that feeling, we do whatever we can, to not feel it again.

So let’s make something happen and build momentum.

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