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Mass media: biased and influential vocabulary

This episode covers language for advanced and fluent learners of English who are looking for words related to the media and expressing bias as well as fame. This is an extremely hot topic at the moment because of fake news and living in the information age. We have access to information at our fingertips like never before and that means a whole new world when it comes to stories and news. I’ll have a lesson idea for teachers up shortly with ideas on how to cover this in class because as I’m sure you can imagine there is tons of material. Below the vocabulary covered in the video. Vocabulary: to question, to debate, to contest, to challenge, to dispute, to disagree, biased, prejudiced, influential, subjective, impartial, to state, to cite, to declare, to assert, to argue, to content. Making headlines, in the headlines, prominent, eminent, high profile, explore or examine

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