Business solutions

Courses can be adapted for individual lessons or for groups. Availability is flexible throughout the Krakow area Weekdays in the mornings or evenings.

  • Clients: IT companies, Advertising, Civil Servants, Banking, Consultancies, Law firms, Medical specialists
  • Date: Flexible start dates
  • Topics: Telephoning, Dealing with Communication breakdown, Networking, Brainstorming, Active listening, Reaching an agreement and many more
  • Price: 120zl-140zl per 60min with an invoice at the end of each month

More Info

Business topics include marketing and banking as well as more detailed areas such as telephoning, management styles, asking for clarification, technical language, making polite requests, small talk, meetings, presentations and many more.  Courses can be adapted to suit a company’s needs.  Wide range of resources allows for flexibility of topics covered.  Schedule a meeting to discuss details.

Business and Language solutions

At Coogee School we specialize in improving your business through language.  In today’s global world, language is a very important part of a business’ success.  We offer professional quality lessons to our business clients.  All business courses are catered to the business’ needs and particular industry.

Multiple Industries

Medical specialists, lawyers, civil servants, IT specialists, managers, software engineers and salespeople can benefit from our language courses.  Whether you work in the transport sector, marketing, accounting or the arts and sciences, we can adapt and build a course suitable to your professional needs.  We have experience in all these sectors and experience is knowledge.

Below are additional topics covered in our business course with some details on what they cover.

  • Analyzing statistics – Language of figures/ graphs / trends
  • Project management – Giving feedback, resolving conflicts, delegating
  • Product development and financing
  • Human Resources – Staff development, letter of inquiry, communicating effectively

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