Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Use of English

The fluency lessons  are constructed based on each individual’s needs.  We can adapt the course to suit small groups as well as individual lessons.  Participants will get practice in all skill areas.  The course is demanding and can be adjusted based on a client’s strengths and weaknesses.  We offer an initial consultation, to analyze a client’s needs and requests, while also discussing the multiple options available through the use of online resources, accredited coursebooks and authentic materials.

Fluency lessons

Get started on the road to English fluency with professional development focused lessons for communication and improvement of self-confidence.

  • Client: All ages from teenagers to adults
  • Date: Flexible
  • Topics: Advanced language practice and vocabulary with a focus on soft skills, debate and discussion and justifying opinions. Some topics covered: Tourism, Fashion, Hobbies, Shopping, The media, Culture, Music, Technology,Medicine and many more

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