This service is prompt and comprehensive.  Your texts are proof-read and corrected with advice and suggestions on how to improve it.  Sentence structure, word order, technical language used inappropriately can cause confusion to readers.  Our service will help improve your text to sound more natural and appropriate taking into consideration punctuation and annotation errors as well.

Price: 25zl/page. 

*pages with limited text will be charged a minimum of 20zl.

Project Info

Need professional proofreading and corrections for your business websites? Or for a personal presentation? No problem!  Our text correction services provide comprehensive thorough proof-reading of your papers just contact us about what you would specifically like and we will do the rest.

Can offer suggestions with corrections in order to improve your website or texts to sound more professional.

Clients: Medical specialist, University students, Professionals

Date: Upon request

Skills: Annotation, punctuation, grammar correction, spelling, grammar and sentence structure, technical language

Projects: Company Websites, Presentation Slides, Thesis papers (BA,MA), CV, Essays, Business proposals and many more.

Experience is Knowledge!

We guarantee our client’s satisfaction, contact us for more information.