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Do you feel that your speaking skills are insufficient for your work, travel or social aspirations? We offer conversation lessons that can help you improve your confidence and make you more comfortable in any situation.

Our Task: Speaking confidence is an essential element in helping you improve your overall speaking skills when in work/social situations or on the phone.  We focus on pronunciation, vocabulary development based on each student’s individual needs and most importantly the use of natural expressions when on the phone, traveling or simply having a conversation.

  • General English topicsThe media, Politics, Fashion, Entertainment, Food, Work, Travel and many more.
  • Business TopicsAdvertising, Economics, Banking, Entrepreneurs, Sales etc.
  • Coursebook lessonsSyllabus-based lessons that include vocabulary and listening.
  • Authentic articles on a range of topics Time magazines, USA Today, The New York times, The eEconomist etc.

Prices: 100zl per lesson or buy a package of lessons in advance for 95zl per lesson.