Nondas has been running FCE and conversation classes in our school. During the period with us he has proved to be very communicative, open-minded and friendly. He has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially teenagers. He particularly distinguishes himself through his genuine enthusiasm and conscientiousness which make him not only a perfect teacher but also a brilliant co-worker.

Dorota PopielaHead of TeachersZespół Szkół Salezjańskich

Mr. Epameinondas Pettas is a competent English teacher with a strong work ethic.  He possesses an open, accessible personality, and he is sensitive to the issues involved in cross-cultural communication as well as relationships at a professional level.  I consider Mr. Epameinondas Pettas to be a very competent specialist in such fields as English language teaching methodology, educational technologies, language testing, assessment and material design.  I have found him to be committed and hard-working.

He developed teaching materials from a broad ranges of sources – books, academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.  He also helped some of us prepare effectively for English exams.  I have no doubt that in view of his qualifications and experience Mr. Epameinondas Pettas will be a productive contributor to the work of any institution and as a conscientious, honest and open-minded person will be a valuable member of a team of colleagues.

Radoslaw SewerynTraining Department ManagerSmallGISKrakow

Nondas is the best native speaker that every company would like to have. He adapts the lessons with regards to language skills, employee interests and their position within the company, accordingly. He was also very helpful in creating a copy for our website and with providing corrections of various texts (very fast!). He is always well-prepared and brings a smile to every class. I recommend English lessons with Nondas for private individual lessons and in-company courses 🙂

Katarzyna WodzynskaMarketing SpecialistReady4S - Mobile Apps

I am happy to recommend Nondas as an English teacher. He is a very competent, always well-prepared, open native speaker that any company can wish for. Can adjust the level of language skills and specificity of work for each person. I highly recommend him for both private individuals and companies.

Grzegorz PopekOwnerItTuneKrakow, Poland

GAEU Consulting has been using Nondas Pettas as a resource for conducting professional English development course for the employees spanning across the practical and theoretical aspects of Business English. Mr Pettas has been responsible for the design of the course, implementation and follow-up. The results have been highly satisfactory, with several of the employees showing clear improvements in their professional command of English. I can recommend Mr Pettas as a skilled and capable Business English teacher, able to meet individual preferences of the company and apt in creating an appropriate learning environment that encourages participation and commitment among the employees.

Tomasz WasikCEO and PartnerGAEU Consulting

We are a small group of colleagues in one company who wanted to improve our skills in English. We were looking for a native speaker and we found Nondas!!!  And that was it!!! He teaches us things that are interesting to us. He prepares different materials for us, talks in very, very interesting way. At the end of lessons we are talking about our expectations and the subject in follow-up lessons. He is very well organized and extremely  enthusiastic in teaching people. He creates a very comfy atmosphere with a lot of sense of humor. If you are looking not only for a teacher but also someone who will inspire you in improving your English skills you definitely should work with Nondas. That is why we are still working with him.

Katarzyna StochExorigo-Upos sp. z o.oKrakow

Mr. Pettas has been very flexible in terms of adjusting his classes to the company’s needs. Initially his classes were focused on the language itself and its usage in the business environment. Covering business specific vocabulary and different means of communication in a business environment (such as face to face communication, emails, telephoning). Recently, as a response to requests coming from the company, the format of some lessons has changed. Now, as Avanade employees seek support not only in the language, Mr. Pettas concentrates on soft skills too. These include e.g. effective presenting, negotiations, and resolving issues between people. By his constant development and effort he makes these classes interesting and attractive to the company’s employees.
I can recommend Mr. Pettas’ service to any company or individual who would like to improve their English skills, increase their awareness of business usage of the language, or make their speaking more fluent.

Nondas has been helping me with English for two years now. Learning and practicing the language with Nondas has helped me to develop my fluency in speaking. he has always been a very professional as well as fun teacher. He is a very open person, and making contact comes with ease for him. I would certainly recommend meeting him to anyone willing to polish their English 🙂 hence lessons with Nondas are both efficient and entertaining.

Jan Hejmo

Nondas is a very kind and friendly person. His lessons are never boring, but interesting and professional. The variety of topics which he offer should satisfy everyone’s interests. He also is very helpful in preparation for different English exams like Matura or IELTS, and his students get great results. I would recommend lessons with Nondas to anyone who wants to gain fluency in speaking or who wants to have a fantastic partner for discussions in English.

Pawel M.University student

Really effective teacher! I have been learning English for 15 years, and for the majority of that time I didn’t notice much progress. Fortunately, I found Nondas and things changed. Firstly, he prepared me for the IELTS exam, which I passed with a 7.5, although I started from 5. Secondly, I was moved to the advanced class at school after 6 months of lessons with Nondas. Finally, the lessons with him are very enjoyable. I didn’t feel stressed or bored during our meetings. After two years of lessons I definitely feel more confident and fluent when I speak English. I feel well-prepared for my my move to London. Thanks Nondas!

Natalia LachUniversity student

Thanks to Nondas I achieved what seemed to me unachievable. Passing IELTS with 7.5 score was a quite a challenge and I owe much of this success to Nondas. He is undoubtely one of the best teachers I had the pleasure to work with. His professional attitude as well as creativity in terms of lesson preparation have made those lessons no less interesting than they were beneficial and effective. He does not only have qualities of an excellent teacher but he is also a great person whose patience is limitless :). Recommendation is the least I can do to show the gratitude for having been taught by Nondas.

Mateusz Grzegorzak-Justino

Hi, my name is Marcin.
I’ve taken lessons with Nondas for the last year.
I decided to take them, because I was afraid to speak in English.
Lessons with Nondas were very interesting, helpful and sometimes positively surprising.

Nondas is very flexible, so he is able to adjust lessons to your preferences and requirements. He is a cheerful and outgoing person, so you will never be bored.
Now I am quite confident and not stressed out during English conversation.
Thank you Nondas for a great time and lot of fun!!

MarcinIT specialistKrakow

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