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Who is responsible?

Our actions always have consequences.

We are free, and we have freedom, but when we exercise that freedom there are consequences.

Who will bear the responsibility of those consequences?

The answer is obvious but elusive. Probably because most of us would like to pretend that it’s someone else’s problem to deal with. It’s so easy to kick the can down the road isn’t it?

But the answer is staring you in the face. It’s you. And that means that whatever decisions we make we should take the brunt of what comes.

Who is responsible for your learning?

Time to get to work – I got 13km to run twice this week, 2 stints of 82 pull-ups, 2 stints of 160 pushups, learn some Polish, raise some kids, cook some meals, teach some folks, meditate and make plans while avoiding getting dead. And still….there’s lots to learn

Now let’s walk the dog.

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