Short educational videos for anyone who needs the listening practice and wants to learn something interesting too


Mark Cuban, American entrepreneur and NBA team owner has some tips from his experience on running a business.

Tips for starting a business

John Green gives a fun talk on how learning can be fun, now that’s something we don’t feel most of the time. It starts with the internet…

The nerd’s guide to learning online

Sir Ken Robinson gives us the facts about our education system and how it needs to radically change if we want to help future generations be more successful.  Worth watching for anyone, insightful and informative.

Changing education Paradigms

When do you do your best work? Are you a procrastinator? or do you get your work done early?

Procrastination helps creativity

The urgency of not reforming our education but transforming it. Sir Ken Robinson gives a TED talk on how important education is for all of us and how creating the right circumstances can make all the difference. Revolution!

Transforming education

Dustin from “Getting Smarter Everyday” reveals how riding a bike backwards can reveal a profound truth about how our brains work and how we learn.  Unlearning is harder than you could imagine.

Riding a bike backwards

Inequality in the world keep growing yet most are unaware of it.  Here is a video that demonstrates how serious the problem has become.  Food for thought?

Wealth distribution: perception vs. reality

Amy Cuddy gives a heartfelt talk at TED to tell us about how body language is more important than people think.  Regardless of what you think your body language says or doesn’t say, Mr. Cuddy might manage to change your mind.

Body Language Shapes who you are

What motivates us?  The surprising truth, the freaky science!

What drives us to succeed

If you feel like your job interview didn’t go so well, keep your head up.  Here’s an article about getting a second chance at a first impression.

Second chance at first impression


A selection of reading options on a variety of topics

Cultural differences

Cultural differences are more complicated then we think

How to handle awkward relationships with coworkers

Sometimes coworkers might misinterpret our intentions or commons. It can happen with friends, family and of course at work. Here is some advice on how to defuse the situation using the appropriate English expressions.

The geniuses of computer code

IT code writers take their skills to the highest competition. Are you game?

League of Legends and beyond

What happens when real sports money moves into the video game industry

Working and learning

Having trouble finding time in your day? Here is a way to fit in some learning while working

Changing mindsets when learning

Carol Dweck gives an insightful talk on RSA animate about how we can help our children learn and grow better with the right mindset

The Numbers

Numbers don't lie, or do they?
How the media and corporations use statistics to fool us

The danger of theme parks

They are set up to take your money and serve you unhealthy food, but what are the consequences?

Indoor rock climbing revolution

A new sport that is growing faster each year.

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