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Professional Business Courses

Ideal lessons for small businesses. Focusing mainly on speaking fluency and communication techniques: Greetings, Negotiations, Clarification strategies and much more.

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With more and more students studying abroad, there are limitless possibilities at your fingertips. IELTS and Cambridge exam prep can help you take a big step to getting to the international university of your dreams.


We realize how important your business websites, proposals and Ads can be to your business. We offer proofreading and corrections of the highest standard based on your needs.

Goal Setting

A vital aspect is setting goals and sticking to them, whether they are short or long term. They provide stepping stones to your ultimate accomplishment of improving your language skills, by focusing on the areas that are most important to you.

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Identifying which approach or methods fit a particular business English course or an individual allows for adaptation of lessons to fit your needs.

Confidence Builder

Speaking fluency requires self-confidence as well as determination. Making sure you’re receiving feedback for your hard work and effort is essential. Praise and criticism can help you focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


On the site you can find a galore of authentic posts from magazines and online sites, hand-picked and offered to you at no additional cost. Enjoy the library and check out movie and TV series recommendations for listening practice.

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From teenagers to adults, Elementary to Proficiency there are resources on the site that provide complementary support.

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Constant contact with clients and students to ensure client satisfaction. Plenty of resources provided for most student levels to work and practice on.

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Discover ways to help improve your language skills.

Explore new teaching activities for your ESL class.

 Diversify your lessons with new strategies for learning and teaching.


Mr. Pettas has been very flexible in terms of adjusting his classes to the company’s needs. Initially his classes were focused on the language itself and its usage in the business environment. Covering business specific vocabulary and different means of communication in a business environment (such as face to face communication, emails, telephoning). Recently, as a response to requests coming from the company, the format of some lessons has changed. Now, as Avanade employees seek support not only in the language, Mr. Pettas concentrates on soft skills too. These include e.g. effective presenting, negotiations, and resolving issues between people. By his constant development and effort he makes these classes interesting and attractive to the company’s employees. I can recommend Mr. Pettas’ service to any company or individual who would like to improve their English skills, increase their awareness of business usage of the language, or make their speaking more fluent.
GAEU Consulting has been using Nondas Pettas as a resource for conducting professional English development course for the employees spanning across the practical and theoretical aspects of Business English. Mr Pettas has been responsible for the design of the course, implementation and follow-up. The results have been highly satisfactory, with several of the employees showing clear improvements in their professional command of English. I can recommend Mr Pettas as a skilled and capable Business English teacher, able to meet individual preferences of the company and apt in creating an appropriate learning environment that encourages participation and commitment among the employees.
Tomasz WasikCEO and PartnerGAEU Consulting

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