Time Management

Busy! Busy! Busy! With life moving into the fast lane it is hard to take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy life.  When people get caught up in the rat race, a lot of times they don’t even know when they entered it and where the time went, or the money…. In the country I reside in (Poland) kids from a young age have to become time managing whizzes!  School is so demanding, and when it ends each day, kids go for round 2, with extra classes, tutors, or extracurricular activities. Good luck boys and girls! Maybe mom and dad actually don’t have it so bad after all!

This post doesn’t have to be too long folks, I got the antidote to this nagging illness.  It’s called a vacation to a faraway place from your present residence and preferably a place with loads of sun because if any of you live in central Europe then you know that the GREY eats at your soul until there’s little left, whereby it then takes to chewing the rest at its own leisure.  I’m not exaggerating on this point.  You got to make the move, otherwise you go insane and if you don’t, then you are sitting pretty in your own dream world which is fine, in that case, keep sitting pretty.

I got some suggestions for those who have issues though.  For teachers, plenty of material on this topic is available, with pertinent vocabulary that can be used for vocabulary development and discussions(in class); reading and listening material for sure available at your nearest YouTube- accessible device or whatever else. I’ll post something in the videos and articles section promptly. Obviously it’s a great topic because it’s relevant to students and they’ll be engaged as a result. For the rest of us, it’s simple.  MAKE TIME! I don’t mean that you have to produce it or manufacture it in your basement with test tubes, nah ah!  Prioritizing our tasks at work like how often to check our never-ending stream of emails is a case in point.  Instead of doing it all the freaking time, just pick two times during your work hours to check depending on your type of work.  The same can apply at home.  We can prioritize certain activities and in doing so make sure that we have the necessary time to spend on our hobby or leisure activity.  I believe that it is obvious that whatever your hobby is, it’s important that it relaxes you when you do it.  The pleasure of relaxation we get from that activity is so essential, soothing, rewarding and rejuvenating.  This is a trick that is hard to master and easily taken for granted.  The vitality we can get from living with a purpose is huge.

But that is not the secret, the secret is actually choosing to do NOTHING! Yea, you read that right boys and girls.  Has anyone actually sat for 10 minutes in silence without thinking or looking at a screen?  Ba ha ha. Big time move right there! 10 minutes of nothingness, stillness etc.  Some call it meditation but you don’t.  You can call it chilling time! Proper chilling though, without distractions.  Our busy lives require this, and most of us, never ever do it!  I won’t say more, I’m done, I got a date with nothing right about now.  Enjoy yours and drop me a line on how it goes. Boom!

For the more serious bunch, I suggest you do this A.S.A.P!


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