It’s all about energy!


It’s all about energy!

Many professions require it(energy), but most people don’t think teaching is one of them. Not true.

It’s all about energy! And as I am writing this I am running on fumes. I gave it my all this week. Every lesson I went into I blasted it. I dug deep and gave them 110%. Every student got a taste, a blast of the energy. I don’t know what they did with it because energy is contagious they tell me. Well, I damn well hope so because if they don’t start sucking some of that energy up I’ll start getting a bit upset at my students. Besides, no pain, no gain right?

I’ve always been like that. I’ve always been energetic, loud and intense. My wife says I’m dramatic too. Probably true.  Should I bring all that to the classroom?

Absolutely YES! Student’s need to see that, they need to see that you are into it and you actually care about what it is you are doing. It motivates some of them to get pushing and doing and rocking too. I’ll admit not all are going to be on board with that approach but that’s alright. You don’t need them all aboard, you just need a few. Winning students over to your side is done slowly, they will be skeptical, doubtful, resistant and hesitant to embrace your teaching approach, it’s natural but whatever it is just keep doing it if you believe it.


Well, I think so. For me that is energy, I go full blast into my High school class. Show them how it’s done. Whatever your superpower is, then you need to use, and make sure people/students see it. Because it’s YOU! And that is part of teaching, showing your students who you are, because they want to know. When they walk into that first class they want to know, what’s your deal, who are you? They care about that, that’s because it’s human, to care about what people are like. That’s what people care about most, not the details, but YOU!

So show them.

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