Experience is the best teacher


Experience is the best teacher

The youth think they know everything. They give us that look as though they are all-knowing and wise, they got google at their fingertips and there is no doubt they know much more than we did when we were their age. Good for them!

Information is not education

Information is readily available, so knowing a fact is not even that impressive now. But a story. Your story, that may be worth more than an Ivy league education. I’ve noticed that people plays this down or reject it, and it’s usually those who don’t have many experiences themselves.

Living life, learning by doing, doing a job you don’t know well are going to be areas where this saying will show it’s true meaning. Go on, find out for yourself.

I’m not sure if this proverb is going to get an active conversation going in class, especially if it is a young class. Reserve this one for adults, who will be able to share an insight that validates the saying. I believe the naysers will be in the minority with this one.

If you want more proverb insights you can watch the video series here.

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