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Ep.42 Vocabulary – Dead on time

Stop killing time! Time waits for no one, make time for learning English and you can start by watching this episode on how to use ‘time’ expressions and collocations in a lesson for your students. The topic covers speaking material and vocabulary and below I have a link to a lesson idea that gives you all the language so you’re ready to go! This is a great topic for a class not only for the vocabulary but also because different nationalities have different perspectives on time and that can lead to a great discussion. Additionally, each person will be able to talk about how they value their time and the way they choose to spend it. Boom! #letsmakesomethinghappen

lesson idea:…


Language in this lesson: spend/save/waste time free/spare time, take your time, tell the time, make time for, have time for, night owl, early bird, put off, postpone, procrastination, idle It is taking ages,, from dusk till dawn, quality time, time is money, there’s no time like the present

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It’s all about energy!

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