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Lead by example

We all know what it means, and we’ve heard it many times before this one. We ignore it or pretend that it doesn’t apply to our situation in life, our work, our family, our friends, our hobbies and on and on. I’ve done this many times. I am just as guilty as everyone else and I am here to tell you, after a long journey of denial, it’s garbage. I wrote about this – When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The Comfort Zone

It’s excuses, is what it is. And you can come up with a whole lot more of them if you tried, and maybe you have, with success. I know I have and it’s comfortable, very comfortable. Because then you’re not accountable, you bail out and take a cigarette break or have a beer and get nice and comfortable some more. And when we are there, we don’t want to move and the longer we stay in that beautiful, smooth, soft, fluffy, cuddly, delicious comfort zone the more difficult it gets to climb out.

Maybe all that inspire bullshit is not for us. Maybe we don’t want to inspire other people, maybe we don’t care. Unapologetic, and proud. But I am here to tell you, that when my journey came full circle I realized that it’s not about inspiring other people. No! It’s about inspiring yourself. If you can inspire yourself and see and witness the change within yourself then others will notice the change in you. It’s inevitable. And when they do, a lot of those people will encourage you to quit, and stop the nonsense, stop pretending, stop fooling yourself. Those people might be the closest to you but that’s when you lead yourself past them and continue to set the example for yourself that you set out from the beginning. It’s uncomfortable, but exhilarating, a sense of freedom that is indescribable.

It’s when we’ve pushed ourselves further than we ever thought possible where we discover who we really are.


By it starts with us, it starts with looking ourselves in the mirror and being honest and asking ourselves who we really are and what we want. It starts by being accountable for the person we are and for the one we want to become. Leading by example doesn’t necessarily mean be an example to others. It means lead yourself, and hold yourself accountable, everyday no matter what. Hold yourself to the highest standard and when you reach it, raise that standard a bit more and keep climbing up, till it hurts. And then, keep going for more.

It’s physical work, and it’s mental as well. But it’s the first step to independence, to self-confidence, to self-development, to true knowledge of one’s self and ultimately peace with ourselves. Nothing is more powerful then being in control but you got to lead yourself. When you do that, people take notice and say “Hey what have you been up to?” And that’s when the change within you becomes the example for others to follow. Becomes the example for others to aspire to. Becomes the inspiration and the leadership that everyone wants and desires. But we are not done, we are just getting started, because the journey of self-discovery never ends. So….

What have you been up to?

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