Polish Grammar is my enemy!


Polish Grammar is my enemy!

It’s been weeks since I started and after about 5 pages of words and expressions learned I am encountering resistance anew!

I was feeling the momentum build as I recorded words and practiced them over and over again. But now I have come to the realization that there is no escaping the reality of the Polish cases. The truth is ugly and real. I’ve avoided, ignored and despised with true passion Polish grammar for a long time. It’s so foreign than anything I’ve ever know, learned or understood. Everything in my mind is telling me that it is a real horror and the effort is pointless. I should quit before I even start and let other losers and very few winners (with special linguistic abilities) take on this tremendous and ludicrous mountain.

A thankless task

I know that there is no pat on the back, consolation or sympathy to be received. Nobody cares if I succeed or fail and barely anyone will really notice or congratulate the effort it requires. The hours, days and months needed to reach any kind of decent end of what can barely be called success. I shouldn’t expect anything less or more. The fact of the matter is that these Polish cases are difficult and so are many things, so what? Day by day, little by little I’ll begin the climb to reach respectability. And so it has begun in earnest. DOPEŁNIACZ is my first obstacle. Nothing else matters than conquering this Polish case.

No plan, no problem

It’s true. I’m just going for it without a real plan. Just an old notebook, a grammar book with exercises and google translate.

A pencil.

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