Stars align?

Classes are in full swing now and I’ve started having a full schedule of lessons with all my clients, business, high school and a few private students. I haven’t had any free slots for new perspective client but decided to add one who had contacted me back in June when I was on my Greek vacation. He patiently waited for 2 months until August when I returned from England to start having lessons so there is some motivation there. I decided to give him my time.

It turned out that he lived just five minutes away from me so incredibly convenient, which I hadn’t anticipated. Upon arriving to the student’s apartment we went through the regular first lessons motions of getting to know each other and got to a question I always ask new clients – What do you do?

In the US this matters a great deal, it sort of defines who you are and that is why it’s a question asked pretty early into a conversation where you get to know someone. On this occasion the guy looked at me and described his work with computers: I work on the backend and also on the frontend. 🙂 I flinched, smiled a great big smile and said

“Are you a full stack developer?”

“Yes, I am.”

And that is when my smile got even bigger. I thought to myself, this can’t be real. What are the chances that I would run into a guy with exactly the job description I was looking for?

It was, quite frankly, an unbelievable coincidence that our paths crossed. I left the lesson without mentioning my ambitions but I thought this was a major sign that could turn things around. I wanted to wait of course. Wait to have some lessons and get to know this person a bit, no reason to rush.

Good things come to those who wait? It’s a nice expression, and I like the point it makes about patience but is it actually true?

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