I wish the naming of the web tool was something that took a couple of hours of work. That I could sit down, make some calculations or do some kind of tasks and after some effort and completion of some steps reach a conclusion – name for the web tool.

Unfortunately there’s no 10-step process that provides you with a name at the end. It has to be done some other way. I don’t know what that way is. I’ve spent weeks just bouncing ideas off in my head, variations and words and combinations but can’t seem to decide on something. I read some time ago, that everyone says the title of your book matters but actually, it really only matters to you and nobody else. If the book is good no on will care about the title. I’m thinking, or maybe hoping, that this applies to web tool names too. I should just pick ‘web tool’ or ‘word giant’ or ‘word bank’ or ‘word…’ and anything really. Just put me out of my misery!

This whole process is using up my bandwidth more than I’d like it to. Once you start to dwell on this, it can be quite distracting because you keep thinking about it throughout your day. Frustration can build, especially when progress is non-existent.

Recently, I thought I’d found the elusive name but when I told my tech guy about it, well, he wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. Now that I have let it brew for about a week it seems like I made a mistake. It seems that I need to go back to the drawing board so to speak. Another elusive step, but an important one, which requires a decision very soon. I’ll make a list, identify what matters to me personally and try to connect it to the web tool. There is some creativity involved which is fun but can’t be rushed.

I keep thinking, how important is the name really? Do we buy stuff because of the name? I mean it doesn’t matter to me when I’m shopping. It may be that it’s an unconscious thing that we react positively or negatively to when we hear the name and that might impact whether we look at it, choose it or even buy it. I don’t know, not everything has to be a science. Sometimes you just have to go with who you are and what speaks to you on a personal level.

Hmmm, I just had an idea….

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