Ep.1 Speaking and Writing English: Politeness and Softening

Ep.1 Speaking and Writing English: Politeness and Softening

In this very first episode of the channel we look at understanding cultural differences, which is crucial when learning a language. Here are some language tips to help those learning English when speaking to native English speakers. hint: we are sensitive! The episode covers words and structures that can be used as alternatives for politeness. Here are some more not mentioned in the video and you’ll find load at the website www.nondas.eu Present simple to Past Simple: I want to speak to you when you have a moment — I wanted to speak to you today when you have a moment. Past + Continuous: I wonder if I can —- I was wondering if I could I hope you will — Was hoping you would… Negative question: It would be better to —- Wouldn’t it be better to..?

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