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Ep.65 The consumer society

This episode covers a lesson idea that is incredibly practical and relevant to our students today. Teachers can find a treasure trove of resources to use for putting together a lesson but I have focused on the vocabulary that you can include in that lesson as well as some ideas worth incorporating into the lesson itself that can help teachers prepare. What’s great about this topic is that you can branch out into other themes very easily: environment, money and spending and even minimalism.

Vocabulary: keep – store, hoard, archive, maintain, save, stockpile, retain, conserve. get rid of- dispose of, throw away, abandon, discard, consume, dump, eradicate. disposable income, spending patterns, mass branding, personal consumption, out of stock, faulty, price tag, pricey

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consumerism, consumption, english vocabulary, episode 65, get rid of, keep, lesson ideas, minimalism
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