Finding the U and the X

Design. A critical component for any web tool, webpage, brand or product. It’s also critical for the developer, who needs a designer’s help in building the frontend of an app, webpage or web tool. They are a kind of guide and greatly reduce the time and effort the developer has to spend in building the online product.

I’m looking for one. So far, haven’t managed to find one that fits our needs. It’s the current hurdle we are trying to get over to get this thing built. It’s common knowledge to us that this hire would help us immensely, especially at the start. Design could make or break the project and that is why it is critical we have someone who can guide us with button placement, color schemes, fonts, placements, spacing. The success is in the details isn’t that what they say?

I’ve gotten some leads and recommendations as to where to look for this elusive UX designer (user experience) and that includes online platforms with freelancers. I’ve been down that road already without following through. In the meantime we have to keep building the web tool to stay on track. I have this in the back of my mind on a daily basis and waiting for a moment when this person will appear. I thought I had found someone but I don’t believe they are the right fit, I got to trust my gut on this because we are not building a landing page but a functional web tool.

This is the new challenge, and one we need to address. Another step in a long process to launching this baby into the hearts and minds of teachers and students. It’s October, the temperatures are slowly dropping and the leaves falling, a critical moment indeed. Time to rise up.

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