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I have finally got some feedback! Made it to the meeting and sat down with someone who could explain how this whole process really works for a person like myself. Basically I got a crash course on what an ‘MVP’ is. And no, it isn’t the ‘most valuable player’ in sport like I thought 🙂

Actually it turns out that it’s quite important for startups and a ‘required’ step to building a product. It stands for ‘minimum viable product’ in other words the most basic version of your product. This is meant to save you money so if your idea doesn’t work you’re not in the dumps. This is accompanied by a strategy to find out if there is interest in your product. For this, I have to accompany the MVP with something that will gauge the interest in what I’m making. Obviously if I get A LOT of interest we have a ‘go for launch’ but if the interest is none existent then maybe the writing is on the wall.

That’s the gist there. Of course I asked for details on the process and most importantly the cost. The process is taken over by this team of people who prepare workshops and brainstorm ideas on how to approach and move forward and if there is potential. This costs of course, and then there is the building of the actual product which boom! you guessed it, costs. The price was way way up and I expressed it to this person who was nice enough to meet with me.

So there you have it, I’ve been brought to my knees by costs and additional processes/steps that should come before the actual product is built. A lot to think about and contemplate and I told the woman as much. Will need some days to digest all this and see if these workshops would be worth my nickels and dimes.

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