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Ep.52 Language for Collaboration

The latest and final episode of 2018 is on Christmas present preferences J Personally, I prefer the cash, cash is king! No really, the episode is actually about ‘collaboration’ and language we can use to improve it with co-workers, classmates, friends and/or fellow teachers. This language helps a great deal in improving communication and conversation between people, which is what these videos are all about. All language is useful and valuable for a multiple situations. Hope you find it valuable.

Language  covered in this lesson:

Stating your opinion: Well, personally… I’d like to point out that….As far as I’m concerned…

Give yourself thinking time: Oh, that’s a difficult one(question), I haven’t really thought about that.

Involving your partner: Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t you agree? I think (you, he, she, Dona, Mike..) knows more about this than me.

Introducing disagreement: I know what you mean, but… That’s not entirely true. I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree, Yes, but don’t you think that…

Qualify something someone has just said: Mind you… Well, actually… I know what you mean but… Certainly not… but…, Perhaps not so much…but…

Add something: Well, actually… Mind you,… Besides that,…..

Changing the subject: Anyway, Let’s move on shall we? Anyhow,…

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