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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

It refers to a guy’s weekend my friends and I go on, a couple times a year. It’s an adventure, a journey. When you’re in search of something new though, we don’t call it either of those, but an expedition instead. That means, you’re off to new places, undiscovered, where nobody potentially has been before.

Some call it a ‘reset’ or a ‘getaway’. Both and all mean different things to different people at different times… their lives.

There aren’t many unexplored places left in the physical world, but there is plenty to explore within ourselves and no matter what age, maturity, or professional we may be, there’s always something that we can learn or discover, even surprising ourselves in the process.


It’s needed for most things isn’t it? And an expedition is no different. Everyone can reach further and accomplish more within a team. By combining our strengths and weaknesses we become a stronger unit. On each of these trips we go on, it’s important that everyone contributes and that we support each other. For me, that cooperation translates into a much better experience because I know that it’s not all on my head. We can rely on one another. In my work with language and fluency I think the essence lies in cooperation because you need a partner who is willing to work with you and ultimately listen and speak with you. If you’re the learner you need a guide and motivator at times. if you’re the teacher you may humbled or discover a gap in your knowledge even. Cooperation leads to new possibilities.


An expedition leads to discovery, if not what you set out to discover than something about yourself. As in any endeavor, this belief that there is something always to be learned and found out is exhilarating but also revealing. On this particular trip, that discovery was being grateful.

  • Am I still breathing?
  • Am I healthy and safe?
  • Am I lucky to be alive during such treacherous times for many others?

Indeed, the answer is YES to all and many more questions. Being grateful is just that, aware of the inevitability of it all ending at any moment. So continue discovering, and exploring and practice being grateful and I think, our spirit will rejoice at that. What else is needed?

Well, maybe a cold beer would help, and some hot weather. Don’t forget, I live in Poland after all 🙂

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