Replay – Can I get another chance?

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Replay – Can I get another chance?

Many of us wish we could get a do-over! That we could replay that night, that performance, that date, that trip, that relationship.

When our youth passes us, we wish we could have it back, once more or….forever.

If we fail, or lose, we ask for another chance to make it right, to do it better, to fix it, to win.

A moment doesn’t define us, many, hundreds if not thousands do. Which means we have the opportunity to correct, realign, adjust, adapt and re-engage. Then we can see what’s what.

We can daydream all we like but in the end we only get one shot. And isn’t that the beauty of life?

Would we want to replay our childhood or High School or our 20’s? Which part is ideal to replay? My guess is there isn’t a perfect time. There’s drama, there’re obstacles and heartache all along the way. It’s a grind, but one worth fighting for, worth making sense of, and worth living right now, right here in the REAL.

With that said, maybe we should stop replaying that past in our heads, wishing for a replay. Because the present, is the best moment we’re probably going to get, to make something happen, whatever it may be.

Without real resistance in our efforts how is anything achieved? We must move and face it, and that’s when we feel true, the real awaits and when resistance comes. And it will, we will be there, ready to face it.

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