My exercise book escape

I’ve gotten it recently and I’m working through the units like a freight train steaming on. Nothing is stopping this Polish-learning machine from chugging along. This thing has grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening. This thing has got tables, sentences with missing words, images, matching tasks, writing and even an application on the phone with extra practice. I am fully loaded and packing heat as I move into this B1 exercise book with determination, drive, half-motivation, and a hunger to conquer it, prepare for blood to be spilled.

Personality, History, Work, Education and the Future, The City

Those are the first 5 unit topics in the exercise book and yea, I got personality damn it so why not learn how to describe it? Some history would do me good though by the looks of it it’s an excuse to mostly practice past tenses. The work unit has got me really excited, as that’s got to be extremely practical for every conversation a 40-year old enters. As for education and the future? What do you think? 🙂 I got something to say about it but using future tenses is another matter all together. The city chapter looks like nonsense but I’ll complete it anyway.


I’m pumped to be frank. I really enjoy reading. And I don’t normally read Polish – AT ALL! So this should compliment my strengths. I’ve done the first unit’s reading text and got all the answers right but it took me wayyyyyy too long. I guess that means I am still a bit, or maybe very dumb in the language. Definitely a metric to follow as I go through this sucker.

Final thought, there is no better feeling than getting through a unit and looking back at all your notes and thinking – Damn I don’t know much, now I got to recall all these words and grammar? ah shit!

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