Running on fumes learning Polish


Running on fumes learning Polish

I finished the exercise book

I have spent months on the index cards and doing recall

I’ve done grammar

I’ve studied

I’ve read

I’ve listened

I’ve matched, filled out and conjugated. bleh

What’s next?

The Second winter is coming – Polish blues

And I literally don’t know what I got to show for it…AND I am not sure what direction to take. I definitely need a shit load of speaking practice for the love of god. Truthfully, I need a teacher, someone who can get me in repetition with certain grammar rules and use them correctly. Are these excuses? SHIT, I don’t know. But I can’t give up on this. There is an aim and it must be reached. If I have to run over a damn ZUBR then I am coming full speed ahead. The question is, how do I stay motivated?

A one way street

That’s right, and there is a dead end on it. But you don’t have a sign at the beginning of it warning you. So do I turn around, backtrack or just mow through? CORRECT, the last option is what I was thinking about as well. What that means is I got to double down on this language and that means substantial increase my efforts without distractions, excuses and feeling sorry for myself. I got notebook bursting with words I need to review, I can purchase the next exercise book and hit it hard and I WILL! Finally, and most importantly i need to practice what I learn and that means one thing –

Either I find more speaking time OR

I START writing in Polish, oh god please let it be option one….

Keep steady!

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