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Episode 38 on language used for Networking

This episode is summer special before the beginning of season 2 of ESL Trailblazer. I am focusing on Networking skills and their importance as well as the language you can use to assist you in networking more effectively when at a conference, neighborhood association, workshop etc. The language is below but remember that it is not enough. It’s also about raising awareness on the importance of listening to others and showing interest in them and their ideas, connecting people with others not thinking of networking as a selfish self serving act for your own personal gain but to help others. These soft skills with language are imperative in today’s world and regardless of your profession or age can bring a difference in the interactions you have.


Starting a conversation: I don’t think we’ve met, I’m …. Do you mind if I join you? I believe you live near/ work with/ ….

Open-ended questions: How are you finding the conference? What was that like? So how do you like living here? What kind of things does that involve?

Reflecting Questions: So things are going well, then? Really? Digital Strategies? That sounds interesting!

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