Don’t over-analyze either.

Recently, I’ve had many students mention how they are afflicted with this and lose sleep as a result. Imagine it? What to do? How can we function throughout our days in such a dangerous state? When I hear about it in my lessons I stay quiet and just listen as I try to comprehend how paralyzing it must be to constantly think, non-stop, of repercussions, consequences, results, hypotheticals and scenarios. I wrote about these in a previous post and have a lesson idea on success and failure. about it

We live in a time where we are doing this constantly. With everything. Our minds are racing 100mph thinking, analyzing without a moment’s rest. I catch myself whenever I fall into this downward spiral of the thinking rabbit hole. I’ve been in it and it’s winding, steep speedy track. It’s exhausting and leaves you scrambling and dizzy. Have stress? Well then it gets magnified in the thinking machine that is your brain and before you know it, bam! It’s a scramble, and I don’t mean anything with eggs, but maybe that is an apt analogy.

We come out of this state in much worse shape than at the start. And the vicious circle returns soon after.

Breathe, simple.

Living simply or having a simple mindset or a simple way of thinking is NOT a poor reflection of YOU. I personally, find it liberating and practical. However, it seems to me that this is a common misconception and something to be avoided at all costs. We want to be sophisticated, intelligent and critical. Knowledgeable, well-informed and professional.

I question the extremely high value of such aims or qualities. Though we consider them to be aspiring qualities and positive, and they can be for sure, I personally am weary of them all at once.

It’s a tough sell. But why settle for all that noise in our heads? There’s got to be a better way to live and be and it can start with just that simple self-awareness to calm the mind and be present.

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