End of the year, beginning of the road


End of the year, beginning of the road

There are infinite possibilities in some places for some people in certain situations. I don’t feel them. I can’t comprehend infinite, or the universe expanding for that matter. I just try to accomplish what I set out to do. At the moment it’s raising a family, in the midst of that, building a web tool for teachers and on the fringe of it all is my physical exercise.



There are many obstacles, barriers, pot holes, blind spots which will leave skid marks in my wake. And let’s hope that that is all that is left. I started the decade in my late twenties, with little direction, a party mentality and a rented studio apartment. I am leaving it very differently, there is direction 🙂 I managed to improve stuff, purposely fasted for 22hrs just yesterday and have been taking ice-cold showers for the last 8 months, so something is wrong, just don’t know if it’s good or bad 🙂 The road was windy and bumpy with climbs mostly and few flat straight roads. It was more complicated. I know that.


What will come next? A new decade, is too much to think about. But I got a particular marathon in my sights, a language that requires my undivided attention, a mountain to run up, contentment, and love to give to my daughters and wife. Our dog, deserves the best as well.

Man all battle stations and prepare to engage.

“The secret to winning any game lies in not trying too hard.” – Timothy Gallwey

I also got a weekly newsletter titled ‘The Freshen Up Fridays’ newsletter. You can sign up for access to my popular student insights section(what I learned from my students each week), videos and blog posts. I don’t know what I am doing, really but what the hell right?

Happy 2020!

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