Polish grammar blues

So I’ve been diving deep into another exercise/workbook and now I am on my third one and the final level. I suppose it is about intermediate level/communicative. Right now I am on comparative/superlative structures and prepositions. For those unfamiliar with such terms the first is the form of adjectives like warm/warmer/hot/hotter/hottest while the second are words that connect the bigger words (of,in,about). The Polish equivalents for comparatives are straightforward and just require that I memorize and practice them. The prepositions are a bit more damn complicated because they vary and you need to learn them in combination with the nouns/adjectives/verbs they go with and just like in English, words can have more than one. Ouch! I do it half-assed really. I put in the effort to complete the exercises and write down in my notebook the words, making lists and so on and then the idea is to review on another day. Like I said, Ouch!

Motivation issues creep in

As with anything difficult this is not going as fast as I planned and success is nowhere visible when you got no teacher to give you proper feedback. I’ve reached a point now where it is sheer will and inner strength with a nice mix of delusion for good measure to keep this momentum going. I am not giving up and as long as I live in this country I will continue to plow ahead. The barriers are everywhere:

Why are you bothering with this nonsense?

Nobody really cares.

Nobody is noticing your effort or if you’ve improved.

Your grammar is terrible

Your pronunciation is mediocre at best

People don’t want to speak to you in Polish anyway

Aren’t there better things to spend your time doing?

Your progress is so damn slow, clearly you need to quit

How on god’s green earth is this word even pronounced?

Just keep moving…….

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