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Reaching a milestone

I’ve done it!

107 chin ups!

20min flat.

It took about 18 months to accomplish it and I was in no rush.

When I stopped the timer on my watch I raised my fist in victory because it felt like a real accomplishment. But the truth is….

I never once thought about it. I didn’t plan it, or think about it. I didn’t set a goal or see someone else do it to inspire me. I just kept going out to the pull up bars and did my sets.

Rain or sunshine, freezing cold or boiling hot I just kept going and doing those sets.

There’s a lesson, and it’s this…..

You are unstoppable!

I grew up being skinny and weak. No muscles, little strength and low self-confidence to match. It’s been my identity for as long as I can remember in my youth and my early adult years. Today was a reminder of how that is all in the past and I am not that person anymore.

We can change. Change our mindset, our mentality, our beliefs and inevitably, our identity. If we don’t like something about ourselves we can change the story we tell by taking action and committing to that for as long as it takes.

A portrait of a time can be taken throughout our lifetimes, again and again, and that is a refreshing thought. Because when I started doing chin ups all I could muster was maybe 30 and now I’ve more than tripled that tally. And I know I am not done yet. That is a humbling thought.

Keep Fighting

For language learners the same applies. The journey is long and difficult, with many cold and uncomfortable painful moments. But it’s the compilation of all those put together that allow for a new portrait to be taken and a new us to be born. Most don’t think it’s possible, but I can assure you, it’s real and not just a dream. Let others keep dreaming, you can choose to go and DO! The only thing that can stop us, is ourselves. It starts with a new story to tell ourselves, a new beginning and a commitment.

There is something about you, and you may not even know how good it really is.

So I suggest you go find out……Nobody needs to know, and you don’t need to tell them, they’ll know when they meet you.

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