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Talking about risk

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This week’s episode is on Risk. I’ve focused on common collocations, verbs used with risk or to talk about risk as well some common adjectives to describe risk. There’s a lot of vocabulary in this episode. I’ve hammered you because this is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s actually much more. The point is twofold, to show you how versatile this word can be and also to give the teacher-viewers out there some material that they can potential use for a lesson. Obviously there are many questions to create a discussion with, starting with “Are you a risk-taker?” from there you can give different scenarios where risk is involved: everyday situations, travel, investment, extreme sport and/or lifestyle.

Vocabulary in this lesson

take a risk, run the risk of, take a calculated risk, pose a risk, potential risk, imminent or immediate risk, tremendous/substantial/considerable risk, remote/negligible risk, jeopardy, peril, menace, threat and hazard Evaluate, anticipate risk, Foresee risk Financial/environmental/security/fire/health risk

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