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A matter of taste

This episode is about tastes. Too often English speakers overuse ‘good’ for everything these days. When discussing or expressing opinions on films, food, plays, books and theater it’s important to distinguish aspects that might be tasteful for some but not other. With that in mind this episode covers language related to taste and adjectives that can be used to describe live performances or plots to stories.

The vocabulary: acquire a taste for, share the same tastes, have poo/good taste in, in bad taste, diverse tastes, a matter of taste, suit all tastes, tasteless, tasteful, (to) my taste, gloomy, abysmal, humorous, thrilling, spectacular, tedious, hilarious, terrifying/terrified, exquisite, superior, peculiar, superb, impeccable, questionable

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a matter fo taste, art, episode 72, tastes
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This episode(98) covers vocabulary that can be used for an ESL lesson idea. The topic is incredibly relevant and current while also providing plenty of opportunity for speaking practice expressing personal preferences, justifying opinions and debating issues.

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