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What I know for sure

I got this post idea after listening to a review of Oprah Winfrey’s book with the same title. It seems that this simple sentence carries a lot of weight and can even help us as a guide for our future selves. I mean, I’ll be honest, I’ve never thought about this and that alone is crazy. But if you sit and actually think about it what will you come up with? What are you, me or anyone for that matter, sure of? It can literally be anything. It’s quite exciting to just challenge yourself with this question..

What do I know

I know that unless you try you never know for yourself

I know that learning a language, even your native one, is constant over a long period of your life.

I know that almost anything, if not everything worthwhile, requires a leap of faith and dedication.

I know that making mistakes when learning a language helps you improve and become a better communicator (trial and error).

I know that exercise, of any kind, feels good, mentally and physically.

I know that friendship and having social interactions with people is incredibly rewarding and valuable in our life.

The more we communicate and practice the language we use, with those around us, that practice, is irreplaceable.

I know that hard work isn’t enough, that patience and endurance are also needed to succeed.

I know that knowledge really is power.

I know that energy is the source of everything around us and within us

I know that expanding your spoken vocabulary opens opportunities to work and meet with more people.

I know the richness of language can allow us to connect with others and even understand ourselves better.

I know that like anything, learning a language in a process that requires patience to see the fruits of your labor.

I know that language and how we express ourselves, is personal.

I know that great communication starts with listening closely.

I know that oratory skills are an invaluable skill to have in many jobs, if not all.

So what?

Nothing. Just ask yourself the question. It might provide an insight into what matters to you, what you care about and ultimately what to focus on. In this day and age we are constantly learning but what percentage of that are you absolutely sure about?

There’s only one way to find out.

Take a journey, a leap of faith. Usually we are all surprised and what we discover but it becomes a belief that can sustain us for a long time.

A question worth asking, not once, but many times. Each time is an opportunity.

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