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Dopełniacz has been vanquished – well, sort of

This is chronicling my attempt to learn the Polish language. You can find my first post here.

The battle rages and the fight continues. Dopełniacz the hardest case to learn as far as I am concerned has temporarily been defeated and subdued.

It took me over a month to complete the A1,A2 and B1 sections of the case in my Polish grammar book. The exercises were constant and seemed to be never-ending. To top it off, the endings for this case are also never-ending! Jesus! I kept getting hammered night after night, my 40min routine has now become a ritual after about 3 months. Dopełniacz kept fighting back telling me ‘Quit dude, this shit aint for you! I am too complicated and my rules are well, I got no rules fool! So get lost’.

It was, sometimes quite humorous while doing the exercises, especially on food items and how their endings change depending on the amounts you wish to buy, weight, liters etc. Those endings were absolutely insane but I was rewarded towards the end of the unit when I came to learning the endings for numbers and months when referring to dates and times. That was a piece of cake since it all ends in -ego. Fun!

Finally, I got to cover the family tree and all the extended family members which was quite straightforward. With that said, the war is just heating up and I’m on my way to Mianownik now. I’ve been forever altered mentally with my Dopełniacz experience and I am also fully aware that I must return to it for revision sooner rather than later, otherwise I, will become the vanquished and there will be no comeback.

I am a fighter! I got endurance and eat healthily. This language is kicking me in the nuts but my confidence hasn’t wavered much, it has been shaken at times. Some evenings I question the purpose of this self-inflicting damage but I always come back for more.

Mianownik, I’m ready and standing by for more!

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