Speaking about the future: ESL lesson ideas and language

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Speaking about the future: ESL lesson ideas and language

Living in the information age, makes this lesson idea a no-brainer. It means that every ESL teacher should be doing it and just adapting it for their class accordingly. All students will want to contribute and have something to say about this and teachers can cover numerous areas regarding technology, discoveries, inventions and what might be possible in the not-too-distant future. The idea here is speaking and vocabulary of which there is plenty!

This episode covers topics, language and activities an ESL teacher can use in a lesson about the future. No materials needed and extremely effective for students to extensively practice expressing the future correctly. Any of the ideas can be used on their own and the lesson idea provides a further outline. Enjoy and hope it’s helpful.

Language covered: Future tenses, future expressions, words for planning

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This episode(98) covers vocabulary that can be used for an ESL lesson idea. The topic is incredibly relevant and current while also providing plenty of opportunity for speaking practice expressing personal preferences, justifying opinions and debating issues.

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