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Ep.59 Language of money – Free of Charge

This episode, the first in a two-part series titled ‘Money talks’ is about the language of money and financing. I also give some practical advice on bargaining and debt because it seems important to mention dos and donts on such an important topic instead of only concentrating on the words. I hope you’ll find it valuable. As a teacher you can find inspiration in the lesson or as a student note down the language and advice if you need to for your own learning. Enjoy

Vocabulary: wage, salary, asset, liability, debt, loan, borrow, lend, cut back, pay back, installment, collateral, strapped for cash, are things a bit tight?, charge me, free of charge, fee, fare, fine, earn a living, earn a reputation, earn respect, earn money, economical, interest rate, financing, bargain, haggle

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