Don’t jump the gun


Don’t jump the gun

The notes have arrived, and there weren’t too many so that is a positive development I suppose. At least another step forward was taken. I was also told where to look for a developer that would potentially take on my project. Apparently I can use an online website called ‘Upwork’ and there, post my ad or search for a freelance developer that would charge me for building my website tool.

After signing up I contacted a friend/former-student and he informed me that before I ‘jump the gun’ on the hiring that I should talk to people who help you setup an ‘MVP’. I was puzzled, just when I was ready to ‘pull the trigger’ on this thing now I’m being told to ‘hold my horses’ and talk to these people. I complied, and he sent me an email to both of us so we could become acquainted.

I contacted the person and arranged a meeting. Wondering what is next, but in the meantime I’m holding off on any hire. Post to follow on the meeting.

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