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Essential fluency through physics

This episode offers some great fluency collocations that can be used in a variety of contexts and situations, either professional or social. I took them all from a physics chapter in my IELTS lessons because I was surprised at how versatile these words can be. Watch the video to get some value and inevitably incorporate these pairs into your speech or writing.

Vocabulary in this lesson: Every cloud has a silver lining, weather the storm, to be snowed under, know which way the wind is blowing, calm before the storm, not have the foggiest idea. severe reactions, conditions, damage, disadvantages, limitations, difficulty, repercussions. Strike a deal, strike a chord with, strike a balance, when the opportunity strikes. Heavy price, heavy workload, heavy emphasis, heavy atmosphere, heavy losses. Aftershock: feel the… to cope with the… Erupt: chaos erupts, debate, controversy, argument, dispute, anger, violence, audience/crowd.

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