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When I was growing up ‘going live’ was reserved for TV journalists, athletes and media personalities. It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached a moment in time where now you, me, anyone can press record and go live to the people who know us and share our story, or tell a story that may just move people. It’s pretty mind-boggling to comprehend it all really. What does it mean anyways? Why should I or you or anyone of us even attempt such nonsense?

I went live on Instagram this week for the first time. It was weird. I was standing in a public place in the mall and it was quiet, not a lot of people around. Suddenly, I had pressed record and now my phone was recording me live from the spot and I had to start speaking. Weird! My palms were a bit sweaty before starting my speech about the latest episode of ESL Trailblazer, but after about thirty seconds managed to forget about that and just focused on the message I was trying to deliver. The message was simple – I have some fresh ideas for English lesson topics and made a video, watch it if you are interested, by the way, I’m in front of a famous ice cream joint in Krakow that offers this one thing and it’s outstanding, that is also an ESL topic if you want to make one up.

That was it. But to be honest after posting that recording, I realized the message we deliver live is more about sharing with people what matters to us, who we are or what matters to us as individuals. It’s a window, to look through and if you open it you’re inviting people to peek through and see what you are about. It can be quite scary because we are raised to care or worry about what others think of us and so it terrifies us to share the truth of who we are. I realize that it reinforces the trend towards individualism and that may not be too healthy for our society but it can also bring us together by finding and identifying aspects of our character and our interests that others have in common with us. I guess I am just trying to connect with those who have a similar urge to improve and care about teaching. So from now on, there will be no misconceptions about it, I am going to start every video this way….

Hi, I am a teacher, I help people connect with others, in their work, in their school and in their lives. I try to help them realize their potential, and improve themselves through language. But after twelve years of doing that, I realize that those people have helped me connect and realize my own potential while improving myself just as much. Thank you, the journey continues…..

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