Ep.62 Teacher reality check

This episode focuses on teacher roles and styles and ways we can improve our teaching in the ESL classroom. Mindset and creativity are essential.

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Ep.62 Teacher reality check

This episode(62) focuses on teacher roles and styles and ways we can improve our teaching. It’s inspired by a lesson I did on management styles with my student. I saw parallels and contrasts and thought it would be worthwhile to mention them while also highlighting important ways teachers can improve their teaching. There is also a post I wrote on improving our teaching.

Vocabulary: qualities, considerate, competent, creative, diplomatic, efficient, flexible, inspiring, logical, loyal, organized, decisive, responsible, sociable, supportive. Role – motivator, mediator, leader, monitor, decision-maker, organizer, role-model

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This episode(98) covers vocabulary that can be used for an ESL lesson idea. The topic is incredibly relevant and current while also providing plenty of opportunity for speaking practice expressing personal preferences, justifying opinions and debating issues.

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